Sunday, March 22, 2015

russian inspired dolls

a while back i started working on a new design…i had a vision of a quilt with little Russian nesting dolls in rows across the quilt…i ordered some Kona solids from Sew Sisters a online quilt store here in Canada…i have lots of fabrics in my stash…i love fat quarters as it gives me a vast array of fabrics…but i did not have any solids…solids had never really landed a direct hit although they had crossed my radar…suddenly i knew i needed to have solids as well as prints for making my little dollies…out came my fabrics… i did buy a few new pieces of fabrics that seemed like they would make good dress fronts or scarves…out came the design and i set to work…i cut out all 20 background blocks…cut out all 20 dresses and 20 scarves…i used a fusible adhesive to attach my scarves to their backgrounds…this is where my story takes a sharp left into the ditch…it hit the ditch hard in the middle of the night when i woke up and realized i had not put hair on any of their faces and it should have gone under the scarf which was now fixed down with fusible web…OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   so now my whole quilt came to a stop… many many many months later i tried to peel one of those stuck down scarves back and put a little black piece of hair under it…well i could do it but it left the edge frayed and ugly… back to the UFO pile it all went…last week i went out to visit a friend…that visit left me full of inspiration…home i came and set to work…

 OMG no hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now what

i used bias bars to make little bias stripes to cover where i put the hair over the edge of the scarf…

now all the parts are here 

using Roxanne's Glue-Baste-It i attached a bias stripe around each edge of my doll face…dried the glue with my iron and then stitched them down on the edges…

the bias strips glued down but still in need of topstitching

enter the yo-yos…i am really loving yo-yos as of late…last summer i made quite a few yo-yos in different sizes...i have my hands firmly on the sides of the yo-yo vortex to keep me from being sucked right in…although at times i feel like i am loosing my grip as i have visions of other quilt designs with yo-yos

some of the 400 plus yo-yos i made last summer

i had made them with the idea of using them in my quilts…i knew they would make for great decoration on my little dollies…

some yo-yos stitched down, looking more finished

much better! hair and some decoration…even some little red cheeks

Sunday, November 16, 2014

hey blogathon canada this is what i am up to at the moment!

Hello Canada, Welcome to my blog…thank you to Sew Sisters for sponsoring this Blogathon...

this past weekend i attended a 3 day in town quilt retreat…my plan was to work on several projects…the first of which was to be a table runner for christmas…dark teal background with a white and gold flange and a light teal border…the centre was white poinsettieas…sounds easy i thought…i can do this no problem…hahahahahahaha! normally i just start my work with some general direction i want to go…colours are picked sometimes but not always…mostly i just follow my brain around…so i have followed a pattern once or twice but that is always somewhat of a struggle for me…OMG now you tell me the points are suppose to match…Ok i'm out is what i usually think when i see those patterns…first i had to trace all the little petals of each poinsettia…not hard but generally boring…hours of by and finally i have them all trace but the fusible web will not stick well…#$&&^%$##…but it does stick to my applique i struggle along none to happily…hours go by and i am almost to the point of tears…my friend Darlene sews up the background for me…my friend Douwette comforts me and tell me to "stop letting the monkey drive my bus"…finally i have the flowers made and clinging to the background…yes just clinging…Darlene agrees to bring me different fusible web in the morning…i collapse into bed @1am…ah but sleep includes me…finally at 3 am in fall asleep downstairs on the sofa…4am finds me awake again…up to bed and finally back to sleep…6:30 am i am up for good…
 doesn't look hard does it? but i bit of a challenge for me….
i like the colours i chose…all the different greens for leaves play well against the dark background

back to the retreat…no fusible web yet so i set to doing what Douwette told me to do the night before…go back to your scissors and cut out what you want to do…so out comes Kona solids in a variety of colours, out comes the mat, rotary cutter and my treasured Kai scissors…i cut and piece for about 30 minutes and this is the end result…my friends were right…it would have been way easier for me to just cut out the petals freehand…next time that is exactly what i am going to do.

this took me about 30 minutes to design and cut out..

here it is with the background elements added