Monday, June 22, 2015

working on my new to me christmas quilt

well it is june already…before we know it summer will be over and it will be fall…did i just say that? so i started working on my christmas quilt…i just love this pattern

i choose softer fabrics rather then bright reds, pinks, and greens shown…i choose to go with soft aqua and grey…

i love the way in which the edges are sewn into orange peels, it gives the branches dimension…

each branch will be sewn in a curve to create sweeping branches…more to come…as this pattern sews up easy after the cutting phase…which is also pretty fast...

Monday, May 25, 2015

kelp quilt

i love the ocean…do you think it is due to negative ions created by the wave action along sandy shore lines…cool crisp air…warm sunshine…shells…i love to walk the tide line and see what each tide has washes up…

floating through rafts of bull kelp in my kayak

we have spend several summers kayaking around coastal islands off our coast…the one thing which attracts me time and time again is bull kelp…i like to watch it move with in the water column…its fronds streaming out along the water surface…to just sit still in my kayak and watch the fronds move, is like lying under a palm tree and watching those fronds move in the wind…creates a sense of calm

rafts of bull kelp with "little sail" jellyfish

even when kelp has washes up and is left on stranded on the sand it lays there just as the water left it when it receded…still one can see the movement and imagine that kelp riding the waves which bring it up and strand that kelp in the sand.

i have little drawings in my sketchbooks of bull kelp and am ready to start a table runner based on these sketches... i think the hardest task will be to capture bull kelp frond movement…to translate the 3 dimensional movement into 2 dimensions 

older sketches from several years    


 more recent sketches from this year

 drawing from my sketchbook